Since 2015,

STL Global has been working on the better living conditions of all parts of the society.

With the effect of the development of technology, population growth, migration, economic crises, and global warming, as an NGO, we are aware of our #TaskToDoBetter.

Our priority targets are gathered under the headings of society, economy, environment, and agriculture. At this point, our mission is to carry out our projects and solutions by addressing all parts of society. Our vision is to create lifelong impacts with a sense of sustainability.

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To save our nature we are...

  • Raising environmental awareness in society, protecting natural areas and ecological balance

We strive to address

Social, Environmental, Economic & Agricultural challenges

through training and capacity building while encouraging sustainable development and social responsibility .
Due to the impact of global warming and unconsciousness in the world we live in, green areas are running out, endemic plant species are being destroyed and animal species are faced with extinction.

To save our nature we are...




in Good Deeds