During our projects,

our priority will be training and will be directed to all segments of the society. We want to achieve a lifelong impact in our projects after training. Thus, we wish to facilitate the lives of our target audience not only during the project but also after the project.

We will continue our projects in order to achieve lifelong results by considering our activities as a whole.

Vocational Skill Trainings

for Syrian Under Temproary Protection and Turkish Citizens

In STL Global, as 13th sub project of TAMEB, we provide tailoring courses. So far, we are providing these courses for 120 women. 60 of these women are Syrian under temporary protection and other 60 women are socio-economically disadvantaged Turkish women. By the end of 2019, it is planned to reach up to 240 women.

Trainings Given in the project


Learning a language is the most important pillar on social integration. It has lifelong effect for them as our key point for our project. Speaking the same language within the country you live in, people could be able to find a job more easily.It supports women to be able to integrate with the host community and to find job opportunities for themselves. It is a key factor on women empowerment.

Social Integration Training

STL Global also prepares participants for social life as well as business life and supports them to be successful in the labor market. Thanks to business coaching, we provide business coaching support to our participants after the vocational training we have carried out and we work to place them in the job.

Within the scope of the project, each participant becomes a work coach and the participants can contact their business coaches for all kinds of difficulties and difficulties they encounter before and after the work.

Business coaches of the participant;

  • V Supporting CV preparation and job application process,
  • Competency analysis,
  • Turkey in social, economic, cultural, legal and learning about the elements of everyday life,


As STL Global, we also offer entrepreneurship trainings. Entrepreneurship trainings enable Syrians who are under temporary protection to complete their vocational training to get acquainted with the business opportunities of the sector and to provide technical information to individuals who want to open their own initiative. In general entrepreneurship trainings;

  • Preparation of financial and production plan
  • Preparing a management plan

Occupational Health and Safety Education (OHSAS)

Within the framework of labor law, the employees of enterprises in Turkey are required to provide Occupational Health and Safety Training. As STL Global, we provide Occupational Health and Safety training to our participants within the scope of our project. The purpose of this training is to know the occupational health and safety issues of Syrians and vulnerable Turkish groups, who are under temporary protection, who are prepared for the profession in our projects, and to use these issues in working life.

In this context, we provide training at all risk levels with our specialists in occupational health and safety.